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January 29, 2017


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Jan, you are one of my heroes. I moved to Eugene in 2003 and found your strip and have been a huge (uhoh, perhaps time to find another word), I've been an eager fan ever since. I am so glad you've continued at least on Sundays, I look forward to the new strips.

On election night, When the results were stunningly obvious, I cried.I haven't really stopped yet. I've never felt so hopeless, so dumbfounded, I finally FELT the intensity of the word "stunned".

Since that dreadful night in november, we've seen our country take a far right turn that is both scary and insane. I have a friend in Albany who is urging me to get off my tush and do something, but what? I'm older and disabled, I'm just one little old lady.

One way is just how you are doing it. Sharing
our fears and challenging wrongs in loud voices. Sign petitions, show up with others and take a stand.

Thanks for your words, for taking this stand and for sharing them with us. I hope it is ok, I plan to share this with others who feel it is important to speak up and speak out. We need to move fast and be heard.

And thanks for all your wonderful insights into everyday life in your strip. I've related to many of them on so many levels, esp when I was working.


sarah mason

just call me ducks


Anne Frank died in a Konzentrationslager because her nation was invaded by barbarians who saw her as less than human, and were bent on her extermination. We had formally declared war on a variety of countries, and did not allow refugees from places controlled by those countries to enter the US. We are now at war, whether or not we like it, with Islamic fascism / terrorism. Only a lunatic would refrain from securing his land from potentially violent invaders, and only a fool would wish the threat away.

Nina Lees

Jan, thank you so much for saying what so many of us are wanting to be said. It is a sad day indeed for all of us.


"pcb_duffer", Anne Frank was German, just like those barbarians. Notice something?

Lady Anne

@pcb_duffer - The people to whom we are denying entry already HAVE the necessary paperwork and visas. Many of them are translators who risked their lives to help our country and were promised a new life in America. It takes YEARS of "vetting" to get this far, and now That Man is saying they haven't done enough. Exactly how much should be required?

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