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July 23, 2015


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Jan Eliot

Exactly! Thanks for the great comment. Thanks to all the commentators. And thanks for reading!

Jan Eliot

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Oh, thanks for the reminder of how they met! What a nice trip down memory lane.


I'd wondered about Phil's transformation -- thanks for explaining! He looks great thinner, by the way. What's the story behind his name change?

Jan Eliot

There are a couple of characters named after friends...Val and Wally. Sometimes people identify the characters a little toooo closely with them. I initially named him Bill but immediately decided I wanted a name that wasnt in my social circle. My only regret is that it lives on in Book 3, where I forgot to update his name in the first strip. Details, details...

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Id wondered about Phils transformation -- thanks for explaining! He looks great thinner, by the way. Whats the story behind his name change?

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My mixed-race son (adopted) dated an Irish girl who had a mixed-race son by a previous relationship. People assumed the boys were related and wondered where the blonde fit in. My son and the girl married and produced three blond, blue-eyed sons. My son must have had more Danish in him than we realized. Genetics is interesting.

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