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July 23, 2015


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Charles Brubaker

Oh yeah, internet comments are a mixed bag, some worse than others. Glad they took that comment out, tho! Woot!

Looking forward to how this goes, and congrats on the 20th anniversary!

Shirley Dickey

Love your Stone Soup.


I am one of the readers who knows each detail of the strip's history and story line, pretty well.Have gone back on the GoComics page and read every one of the earlier strips.


Hi Jan

You resolved a question, I had for years. Good to know Phil (Bill) then was suppose to be as he is today. But the fact, it was done in phase probably helped for his acceptance. Earth as small as it is today still hold too many prejudices for evey walk or race of life. Extremist of everything hurt all of us.
You brought to life that people are people regardless of colors of skin.

Thank you for the small each day! Enjoy your vacation and see you in September.

Jennifer R

Dear Jan,

Funny to say my favorite shows, comics, and movies all have interracial relationships. I have enjoyed reading knowing Phil was multiracial since 2000 when we moved to a newspaper that carried Stone Soup. I went looking for it when I moved away online. NEVER did I think it would be an issue.

Strangest part about it most Americans are mixed somehow. Not so much chocolate, vanilla mix as my friend terms it. But Vanilla, Moca, Banana, Strawberry, Carmel. She terms it as foods colorings for the P.C. issues. She finds it funny that I am Moca while my sister is Vanilla. Myself, I've come to the conclusion I'm an American Mutt due to all the different backgrounds.

Keep up the good work.

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