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April 14, 2011


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Cecelia Hagen

Wow, this sounds great, Jan. And who could enjoy it more than you? You...crossing a rope barrier! That tickles me.

Frank Logan

You look great in that picture, Mrs. Eliot!


Concerning today's comic strip -- what is happening with Luci? She is going to urgent care -- is this precursor of serioue illness?


Hey Jan,

I still read your strip every day but my Dad got to today's strip first and sent it to me. It made my day. I now play roller derby and my name is MRSA.

When I was much younger you sent me an original after I posted some ideas for you on the uexpress forum oooh, say....13 or 14 years ago? Really cool, in fact, it's hanging on my wall. "Shaving your legs isn't all its cracked up to be."

Thanks for the derby shout out. My Dad especially gets it because he was the one who bought my skates for Hannukah, is helping me with my medical bills after a derby-related broken/dislocated elbow, and (reluctantly) supports me now that I'm healed and back in the game.

-Madelyn (MRSA)

Jan Eliot

Madelyn! I remember you very well! How fun to hear from you... and hear your roller derby name. MRSA is hysterical. I picked Brenda Scar for myself, although I am a derby girl in my mind only.

What are you doing besides roller derby? Which I can see from your blog is a big part of your life. So fun. So cool for Dad to be behind you. Send him a big HEY from me. And thanks to both of you for reading Stone Soup! You made my day.


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