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August 12, 2010


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Where is the mom's cop boyfriend?

Michele Parrot

Dear Jan,

I love Stone Soup. Have been reading it for ages. I specially love this last series about Alix in the baby pool. This is really excellent child psychology. I had 6 children, and I can vouch for their incredible imagination. Six kids, I said, including two daughters exactly like Holly and Alix : the older one blond, the second a brunette. And the same personalities, it's uncanny. They are now 55 and 53, and I love reading about them again.,.. back in their early years. Thanks for this.


P.S. I also cut out my favourites, and paste them into a scrapbook. Also slipped a few, after colouring them, inside the double walls of specials cups. Nine in all.


Well I have been been reading your cartoon for a while now since finding it online. But as a black reader, I won't be reading it anymore. I noted that Phil has disappeared from sight. Since my last comment on that fact I saw his head in the pond Sunday,but get real what kind of vacation are they on that her boyfriend is upfront with them enjoying the fun.

Jan Eliot

Dear Bebe,
Thanks so much for your comment. The truth is, every time I send Phil and Val away together, I get mail from the conservatives blasting me for the "bad example" they are setting since they are not married. I think it's ridiculous, but I suppose it's gotten into my head. Sorry it struck you wrong that he's not on vacation too... but don't worry, he'll always be back.

Stephen Doyne

Although I lost interest in Cathy after a while, I've loved Better or Worse since the beginning. It's sad to read that some people complained about Val and Phil vacationing... why do so many people who claim to be of superior morals immediately assume people are doing something they consider to be sinful if it's not stated explicitly otherwise?

While I and probably most others, couldn't care less if Phil and Val are not remaining chaste until... marriage, what's wrong with conservatives that they can't assume otherwise? I know couples that vacation or even sleep together without it becoming an orgy of sexual excess.

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