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September 09, 2009


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Thanks, Jan.
I have all the Stone Soup books and have enjoyed watching the characters evolve. It is one of my favorites. But I owe you an apology. When Stone Soup first appeared in the Atlanta paper, it replaced Calvin and Hobbes. I was NOT happy with it and did not expect much. I'm so glad I was wrong.

Jan Eliot

Hi Sally,
Well, no apologies needed. Stone Soup was lucky enough to hit the market when Calvin & Hobbes retired and opened up a lot of space for new features. But you are not the only one who did not see my strip as a "replacement", which it wasn't. Those are big shoes to fill!

I'm so glad you've become a fan. Thanks for reading and commenting! And by the way, I STILL miss C&H.

david loveland

thanks for posting some of your earlier work. i just recently started reading stone soup and was hooked right away. i had to rush out and get all the books. when i found your blog i added it to my favorites list so that i can check on it daily. i watched the video several times and still i'm blown away by how awesome of a cartoonist you are. i hope that one day i will have the honor of meeting you.
thank you for the time and effort you put into creating stone soup.

your friend and fan,

Jan Eliot

Hi David,
Thanks for your kind words. I love cartooning and it is a real joy to be thought of as "awesome". I'm always trying to measure up to the cartoonists I admire, like Watterson and McManus and Borgman and Coverly... I forget to give myself credit for what I've accomplished in cartooning over the last 25+ years.

Thanks for reading and being a fan! You made my day.

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