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June 02, 2009


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patty leidy

..and I keep thinking every day..."WHY am I doing this again"? LOL

Karyl Miller

Jan, I love this cartoon illustrating shrinking of toons/newspapers. Loved meeting U at the Reubens. Love Stone Soup!

Vince LoGreco

In Philadelphia you need a magnifying glass to read any comic with words and they claim that they are bigger.


My local newspaper not only shrunk it's own size from tabloid to TV Guide size but they cut out half the comics they used to carry. I was so happy to see that they decided to keep Stone Soup, Zits, and Baby Blues, and For Better or For Worse, the only strips that are actually funny and worth buying a newspaper for.

Leslee Martin

Can anybody help me locate an archival copy of Stone Soup comic where the little boy is repeating the phrase "twuk, momma, twuk ..." while the mother is contemplating the difference between little boys and little girls -- or something like that -- it was SO funny -- but i lost my copy and wondered if it was in any of Jan's books

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